Don't let snoring ruin your quality of life

Let’s face it, chronic snoring is irritating. It can lead to sleepless nights and strained relationships. A staggering one in four people suffers from chronic snoring, which keeps both snorer and bed partner from getting a good night's sleep.  More than 30,000 patients worldwide who were living this nightmare found the relief they were looking for with the Pillar® Procedure.  It is safe, effective and minimally invasive, allowing our doctors to restore a good night's sleep to more patients than ever before.

The Pillar Procedure is designed to treat the soft palate, which is in the back portion of the roof of your mouth. Loose soft palate tissue is a primary cause of snoring and also can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea. When loose soft palate tissue flutters, it causes the snoring sound.

The Pillar Procedure:

  • - Only requires a single visit to our office and and can be done in about 20 minutes
  • - Only requires use of a local anesthetic
  • - You won’t see or feel the tiny implants
  • - Patients typically resume their normal diet and activities the same day

During the Pillar Procedure, Dr. Leeman place three tiny implants into the soft palate tissue. These implants add structural support and stiffen the soft palate, which can help reduce the tissue flutter that causes snoring.