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Billing and Insurance

At The Comprehensive ENT Center of Texas, we are committed to providing you with the best medical care possible.  We accept and file most insurance, because we want you focused on your health, not your finances.  For your convenience, we accept payments in the form of cash, check, VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

If you have:You are responsible for:Our staff will:

Commercial Insurance, HMO, POS, PPO plans with which we have contract

Payment of the patient's portion at the time of service.  This includes co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles

Call your insurance company to determine the amount that will be covered by your insurance plan

File an insurance claim on your behalf

HMO plans with which we are NOT contracted Payment in full for office visits, injections and other charges at the time of office visit Provide the necessary information so you can easily complete and file your claim directly with your insurance company
Medicare Only

Payment of your deductible (if it has not been met) at the time of service; your 20% co-insurance is requested at this time

Payment for any services not covered by Medicare is due at time of service

Call Medicare to determine amount of your coverage

File an insurance claim on your behalf

Medicare and Supplemental plan or Medigap No payment is necessary at the time of service

File a claim on your behalf with Medicare and any other supplemental insurance providers

No Insurance Payment in full at the time of service Work with you to settle your account; please speak with our staff if you need assistance
Occupational Injury No payment is necessary at the time of service

Call your workman's compensation company to determine your benefits and obtain necessary authorizations

File a claim on your behalf


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