Starkey Hearing Aids

Life is better with Halo, the breakthrough, award-winning hearing aid engineered to connect directly to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via their easy-to-use TruLink app. The ideal hearing solution for today's more mobile and "plugged-in" patient, Halo and TruLink deliver new standards of performance and personalization, while providing convenient control and effortless connectivity to the things you care about most.

Starkey hearing aids deliver what patients what most: to hear more comfortably in noisy environments with no buzzing or whistling, improved high-frequency audibility, nuanced sound quality, enhanced phone communication, great sounding music and media, personalized hearing and reliable, hassle-free water-repelling nano-coating for protection.

If you would like to hear conversations when surrounded by noise, Starkey's Voice IQ and InVision Directionality technologies work together to reduce noise, preserve speech and make hearing easier in today's challenging environments.  Starkey 3 Series line of hearing aid products also have self-learning technology that allows the hearing aids to gradually and automatically learn volume control preferences, which helps reduce the need for manual control adjustments.

Starkey 3 Series, Xino and Wi Series are available at different technology levels, colors and styles.  Dr. Deyanira Gonzalez can help you choose the perfect Starkey hearing aid for your needs and preferences. 


Frequently Asked Questions