Treatment for Tinnitus

Introducing SoundCure Serenade

Did you know that 1 in 10 adults in America suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears? Many tinnitus sufferers have been told to live with it and do not realize that treatment is available.  At The Comprehensive Hearing Center of Texas, we are happy to offer a new sound therapy that is designed to bring you relief. 

The Soundcure Serenade is a complete, FDA cleared sound therapy solution based on acoustic research conducted by leading university researchers.  Unlike other approaches, the Serenade is easy to use, portable and customized to each patient's unique tinnitus.

The Serenade tinnitus treatment consists of a handheld device, earphones and proprietary, customized treatment sounds called S-Tones.  Research shows that these treatment sounds addresses the underlying neurological cause of tinnitus. 

Features of Serenade:

  • - FDA Cleared
  • - Customized to your specific tinnitus
  • - S-Tones developed by leading hearing experts
  • - Technology based on advanced, scientific research
  • - Includes Sleep-Assist, a 60-minute tone to help you peacefully fall sleep
  • - Offers 4 distinct sounds, allowing you to select the one that works best for you day or night
  • - Independent left and right volume controls offer maximum flexibility, comfort and customization


Tinnitus is a condition in which a person receives sound that is not actually present in the environment. It is often described as "ringing in the ears," but can include virtually any type of sound including whooshing, hissing or whistling.  There are many possible causes for tinnitus, but most cases are related to damage to the auditory system. 

After a tinnitus evaluation, including a comprehensive hearing evaluation and tinnitus pitch and loudness matching, the Serenade device is programmed to lay the sounds most likely to be effective for that individual.  This approach may be used to provide immediate relief and can give long term benefit when used as part of an ongoing tinnitus treatment program. 


Frequently Asked Questions